Lesson learned today..

Today PPKI celebrate our annual Pre-Graduation & Birthday Celebration for our special kids. I sat next to my new boy and his mother. My new boy H is a brilliant boy and normal. He is not suitable to be in PPKI. The problem with him is he didn’t want to go to school for 6 months. The problem started from mental bully from former friends. Calling names and everything. I was so pissed of when the doctor who diagnosed him, put him in ADD category. I was like WHAT? WHY? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? He got the OKU card then there he is in my class. I am his class teacher and I’m so pissed off when I think that the mother simply put him in PPKI just for the sake of him to go to school. Mengikut sangat anak xnak pergi sekolah..

Here I am today sitting next to her. Being professional I asked her politely to put his son in Inclusive class next year as he is a bright boy. He is a shy and cute boy. Just smile and nodded when the mother ask with one condition that he can continue all the theraphy that he wants in PPKI. We agree. Then the conversation move to other subject until the mother finally reveal that the father is bedridden patient. Every weekend they will travel back to kampung to visit the father because no one to take care of his father here in PJ as the mother had to work.

The mother thought that is one of the reason why H don’t want to go to school. The saddest part is everytime when the mother cried thinking about the father, he will be the one to calm her. When the mother asked why he never cried? He said that “Xpe..ibu nangis. H nangis dalam hati.” ALLAHUAKBAR and I broke into tears.. hell with professionalism.. I’m human. My 7 years old boy menggalas beban sebesar itu. Ya Allah..kau permudahkan kehidupannya. Cerahkan masa depan anak ni. Husnuzzon. Allah lebih tau. DIA xkan uji kalo tau hambanya x mampu.

The mother admit that she just want her son to go to school. And I know deep down inside that my boy H is breaking. A sick father, a sorrow mother. A 7 years old boy. And now in new environment he is trying to pick up the pieces that is broken. Re-gain his confidence in social life. I still broke in tears while typing this. I can see his face inside my eyes. Lesson learned. Don’t simply judge someone. Please stop judging other people if u just know the surface. To H..cikgu mintak maaf for my pre-judgement. Thinking that you are simply an only son that had been spoiled. Sampai akhir hayat cikgu doakan di permudahkan kehidupan awak untuk berbakti kepada ibu & ayah awak. Semoga Allah sentiasa beri kekuatan & kesabaran untuk awak tempuhi hidup selagi hayat di kandung badan. Amiinn..

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