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I want to write this entry for a long time, but I don’t know how to start.. I want to tell the mothers-to-be out there that labor can be traumatized, and it’s horrifying to learn that your child drowned and will have complications eg Cerebral Palsy etc huhu.. Cerebral Palsy can be caused by many factors- infection to baby during pregnancy, and the list goes on.. I want to write about cerebral palsy caused by traumatic child birth and sadly to say- due to the doctor’s or midwife’s negligence..

I have a cousin who delivered her son 6 years ago in a small hospital in Terengganu and due to the midwife’s negligence, they let her push for 2 hours even though based on VE (vaginal examination), there was no way the baby can be delivered through normal delivery.. they have to refer her to bigger hospital, and waited for the ambulance and then the journey to the hospital took about 45 minutes.. and the boy had cerebral palsy.. I know it’s fated , he’s a special boy and everyone loves him.. he is a special gift from Allah.. after I had my baby that I learnt that her baby was malposition but they still asked her to push..

What I want to share with you are the rules for smooth delivery(insyaAllah).. hopefully this will benefit everyone..

1) Which hospital to deliver?? Please.. please choose a big hospital eg hospital yg bole buat forcep/vacuum/ Caesar ( if indicated) and yg ade specialist at least (in case develop complications).. DON’T CHOOSE SMALL HOSPITAL OR CLINIC- eg klinik bersalin yg pakai umah kedai yg takde OT etc.. if u choose a small hospital yg bole conduct normal delivery only- ape2 jd diorng akan refer to big hospital.. IT WILL DELAY EVERYTHING huhu.. esp high risk mothers- first time mothers, mothers with 5th baby n above, mothers aged more than 35 yrs old & mothers with any problems during pregnancy..

2) For mothers who are not taking epidural- if you push for more than 1 hr & there’s poor progression- I can smell complications!! PLEASE PUSH FOR 1 HOUR ONLY..if after 1 hour, there’s still no signs that the baby is coming out, you might need assistance with delivery, eg vacuum or forceps or caesarean!!.. with every contraction, baby’s oxygen supply (esp to brain) will be reduced.. however, baby has reservoir of oxygen that they can stand the less-oxygen period for 1 hour(I don’t know how to explain).. but some babies cannot stand the phase.. it all will show on CTG(machine that monitors baby heartbeat and mother’s contraction).. so please please if you already push for more than 1 hour, and baby’s station still high, there’s something wrong with your doctor if she still wants to try normal delivery.

3) For mothers who take epidural- once the os is open fully(10 cm) and if the CTG normal, they allow mother to rest.. eg if os full at 10 am, they off the epidural and asked you to start pushing at 11am.. by that time, no more effects of epidural and patient will feel the pain &start pushing.. so the 1 hour timeframe will start from 11am..

4) When the doctor needs to do intervention, PLEASE DON’T BE DIFFICULT AND PLEASE DON’T REFUSE. Jangan dengar ckp org2 yg kata ‘ APA2PUN JADI, JGN SETUJU UTK OPERATION’.. well i agree that if you can deliver your baby normally, why opt for intervention and operation.. but if it’s indicated and you are compromising your baby’s life, would you still refuse intervention?? you are afraid of the small caesarean scar and post operative pain but you don’t mind having a sick child? kesian la kat anak , please… I remember when I was in O&G, my professor when facing the difficult mother who refuse operation, he will ask her bluntly ‘ do you want your child to go to special school? ‘ and the mother will agree straight away..

I’m just writing this to share the knowledge with my friends out there.. these are the rules that I can think of.. if you want to add anything, please do so heart goes to my relatives and friends with CP children.. you are so strong and brave.. Allah is Great, that’s the reason He send you special children...

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2 say what?:

MammaSun said...

Oh, it's happened to my babysitter's grandchild. Very cute baby boy tapi sempat hidup beberapa jam aje. And to be honest, deliver kat Hospital Kemaman, TERENGGANU, lepas lahir tak sedut habis lendir/cecair dlm mulut baby, masuk paru2, then budak tu tak boleh nafas. Boleh takkkk, bekalan oksigen boleh habis kat hospital tu, harus bawa ke Hospital Kuala Terengganu (sejam setengah) tapi bila sampai si bayi sudah meninggal.

Kecuaian manusia.

m@y said...

Nauzubillah..mintak dijauhkan la.Penat bawak bb dlm perut 9 bulan tau2 je xde sbb kecuaian manusia masa dia lahir. :(