Our 6th beautiful years..

Alhamdulillah.. today marks our 6th years anniversary. 6 years of marriage, 6 years of learning to accept each other’s ‘pe’el & songeh’ (..still do..), 6 years of being the right pieces in a our own jigsaw puzzle.. completing each other :)

IMAG0025Year 6 with latest kenet”

I love you cinta hati for what you are.. loving me for who I am. We still have our different opinions & we do fight over stupid things a lot like normal couples do. You can be the most annoying person who ruin my day yet you are the one who make me smile the whole day just by a simple “I LOVE YOU” :)


“Gambar wajib every year utk entry anniversary :)”

Every single day I’m looking forward to wake up next to you.. Happy 6th anniversary cinta hati. Semoga Allah panjangkan jodoh kita hingga akhir hayat. Semoga Allah rahmati rumahtangga kita. Semoga tetap teguh cinta kita suami isteri biar apa yg mendatang. Semoga Allah sentiasa murahkan rezeki kita sekeluarga dan sentiasa dalam lindunganNya. Today is our 6th years wedding anniversary.. and still counting :)

IMAG0063“3 kenets in 6 years.. not bad huh?!”

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