The Cure

This evening hubs brought me to the pharmacy to find remedy to cure & relieve my mouth ulcer pain..huhu..thanx sayang..I asked the pharmacist for orapaste coz I read thru the net about it but she gave me this instead.

Being me, malas nk soal jawab..I paid for it and apply it once I got into the car. And it works miracle! It numbs the pain although it taste bitter. The pharmacist said that I can apply it everytime the pain occur. Hubs brought me for dinner and I had this..

Tempting huh?! Nasi putih ayam goreng kunyit..just like what I always had for my dinner back at UTP..huhu..I enjoyed eating it sooo much since there's no more pain..and it become so much more yummy coz I had to share it with Aulia. Sebok je mama nk makan!

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1 say what?:

Mrs Azmar said...

kedai yaumi ke may?? aku ske ayam msk kicap ngn nasi putih..

jimat mkn time UTP lu..huhuhu..