Aunt Flo had decided to come and say hello!! Today is the 14th day = 2 weeks I had missed my AF..fuhh..legaaaa....still no rezki for Aulia to become a big sis hehehe..xpe la..sempat manja2 dgn mama&papa dulu lepas setahun asyik kena tinggal2 je..I don't mind being pregnant, it's just that when I did my pregnancy test for 7th times,the result came out negative. I read somewhere in a forum, a woman did not have her AF & always had negative results and it turns out she's having an ectopic pregnancy..Nauzubillah..
Sadly my aunt now is struggling with cervical cancer. She had just been confirmed by the doctor that she's 2 months pregnant with her 2nd child. She went for another check up and it turns out she had molar pregnancy..she had to do D&C and that's when the doctor found out that she had the cancer..she's only 27 years old yet now she must have her chemo and she looks weaker by day..I pray that Allah will give her the strength to bear all the pain & may she be strong to keep on living her life for the sake of herself, husband and her darling daughter who's age same as Aulia..I'm praying hard for u..

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