I'm blessed..

1st, I wanna thank my love of my life for being super duper supportive & sweet & adorable & kind & charming & sooooo mmmuuuuaaahhhh2 for all the time we had been together! My hubs had taken 3 weeks leave just to let me settle down with my new job, our new home & different environment. Hubs have always been so supportive and he's the one I'm looking forward to go home to every single day. I know it's not an easy job to take care of our girl since now she's 2 years old and all she knows is run when u feel that no one sees u, talk or ask about everything as if there will be no tomorrow for u to ask, do as much chaos&tantrum as u can & mess up the house! It really is a tiring job taking care of a toddler. I know and I appreciated that so much for doing everything for me. People would say that he had to do his part since he's the father but not all men or husband or father in this world would be able to take the responsibility to take care of their own child. I'm so blessed to have my hubs since he is not the type of man who send their child to nursery even though they are having a day off just becoz they would like to lepak2 with friends at mamak. Hubs do go lepak2 with friends sometimes but what ever happen he will definitely bring our daughter along. Our child is our pride.. so many couples out there did not even have the chance to hold their own baby but we are so blessed to have children. So, why don't we bring along our little pride & joy?


I owe so much to my darling hubs & I love him with every single second. He woke up early just to send me to school and go back home and spend the day with our girl without any complaint. He is willing to travel for 2 hours to work every day so that we can live together as a family. I love u sayang without any reason.. I wanna thank u for everything that u had done for our small family. And I don't have to wait for any special occasion to tell u that I love u & I'm blessed to have u & our daughter in my life.. yeah..I'm blessed! Alhamdulillah..

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