My Man

It’s 2 o’clock in the morning but i’m still up doing preparation for my literature presentation tomorrow..sigh..but I cannot concentrate at all as my mind is wondering-thinking about my man..he’s at offshore right now.I do miss him so much!! Reading while listening to all these jiwang mp3s..especially big girls don’t cry(fergie) and no one(alicia keys) songs really makes me think about him a lot.

I miss the way he grin when he tells his stupid jokes that nobody ever thought he could do..I miss how he sings ‘no tune songs’ to me with his funny faces..I miss the way he talks to me,with his ‘manja’ style..I just know it’s different from the way he talks to other people..after all I am his wife!! I miss the way he react when he is with times he could be a boy who needs to be pampered,with all his giggles and playful act,how he teases me as if I am his little sister,his annoying laugh that irritate me so much, his kinky smile when there is something naughty that he’s thinking about at that time..but most of all I love the way he act with our baby..the way he attend her if he understand what our little girl is babbling about and she do love having conversation with him hakhak!! I do miss both of them so much!! He is so reliable when I needed him as my man..he just know when is the right time to switch between being a naughty boy and a serious man.

Haih.. I am really in love with this man.. I have his face in my mind all the time and I dreamt about him every night. Being away from him really gave me a torment..longing for him every single minute. I still remember the very 1st day I saw him on my registration day at UTP. He was one of the media club member..he wore a grey shirt with black tie and his hair was neatly combed.He was in charge to received payment and signed the receipt. How I adore him at that time and made a statement to myself.."I wish he could be mine.." there..I guess Allah had granted my wish right away.. Alhamdulillah..thank you Allah for giving me the chance to know this have a wonderful life together with this man. I love him since the first time I set my eyes on time goes by I did not have the chance to see him anymore..he went for his practical training. On the 1st semester of my 3rd year I heard one of my friend who really enthuse him said that she saw him at the old academic block..he’s back from his practical training!!!! I remember walking from the hostel to the old academic block at 1 o’clock in the afternoon just to see whether he’s still ‘clever’ of me to go there at LUNCH hour!! But..I accidentally met him on my way to the computer lab the next was 8 a.m.. and I am terribly lazy to go to morning tutorial as usual. But there he was..alone..walking with his charm to the EWL lab and his hair was soooooooo damn was as if I’m watching a shampoo advertisement that time..and a feet away from me all my friends were looking at me and said "Oii giler..ko tgk aper??Pagi2 dh hilang akal.." and I was just like floating in the air..the whole 2 hours of boring tutorial class was like going enjoyable!! And for the whole week my friends kept calling me "Pompuan giler,senyum sorg2"..but still I felt the unexplained joy to meet him that morning. I just love the way he walks,smile(even though to other people),look at something(TV at cafe) simple term "angau" hehe..

I’d prefer to sleep in the evening rather than jog or play sports. But when I heard someone said that they saw him playing football at the field..suddenly I am active! Grab my sport shoes and drag any of my friends to jog with me..and there he was at the field..with his blue jersey no.16..and "gedebuk"..I fell from the jogging path..lucky me it was far away from the field. Again..I was in the air and I was exuberant to complete all my due assignment that night..I saw him again after 2-3 months..there’s a stage night where all the students showed their talent with music. There..I saw him on the stage with one of his media club friend and he is showing how the smoke machine function..and again..I was in the air!! I am soooo..I don’t know how to describe how and what I felt for this guy..but the only problem is I am INVINSIBLE..he did not know me at all..I love the feeling that I felt for him that time..unexplained..

He did not know that I ever existed until the day I made my first move..and it broke my heart to assume that he was thinking that I was my friend that he and his best friend had laid eyes on. It was just like a glass crash into pieces..and from that day on I least I had the chance to know a friend??huhu..typical!!! Allah had arranged a perfect plan for us..from the very 1st day I met him..the day he accept me as someone in his life..the day we met on his convocation day-he is so handsome in his graduation robe and I was extremely ’selekeh’ with my tracksuit and T-shirt as I was at the field playing netball with my friends..I still remember the way he smile when he saw me approaching and my heart was just like drop to my feet and I have to pick it up and place it back to my chest..I AM FINALLY SOMEONE TO HIM..and that was when he said the magic words that made me nailed to the ground. Is he crazy to say those words to me when I’m in this ’selekeh’ mode? By then I know that he loves me for who I you??

Till today..we are still a couple - husband and wife..blessed with a darling daughter..and I do love him more and more each day..even though we have to be apart but he is always near my heart. I miss him all the time and I really love the way he loves me..I am sooooo in jiwang mode..I am in love with my man..

*from my fs blog*

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2 say what?:

ApasH said...

hehehe..teringat zaman UTP lu..sedikit sebanyak aku ada dlm memori ko ngn benjy.. aku yg perasan..hahahah

m@y said...

konfem la ko & kawan2 kita pun de terselit dlm memori aku hukhuk..dh namanya membe dr zaman U..