This is what you should expect..

.. when you asked your man to look after the kids!


I desperately need my afternoon nap today since I didn't have my good nite sleep. Baby Hana cranky all nite mau berbuai je sampaikan mama tersengguk2 hukhuk!! There goes my beauty sleep.. say hello to ugly eye bags! Lucky that hubby's on leave so requested half an hour from hubby to take a nap, I can barely open up my eyes but then Aulia came to me with a face "Mama.. yaya beyak!" Adoii la!! Lepas setel2 Aulia, kepala cecah bantal then off to lalaland..


This was what happened while I'm asleep.. Adoii la, mamanya yg OCD nih bila bangun nampak je sepah2 gitu terus sakit kepala huhuhu.. By the way, I want to THANX hubby a lot for taking care of the kiddos. Thought I can do everything on my own but NO.. I'm not a supermom yet. Always need him to be there for me.. lucky me to have him by my side. Walopun bila suh jaga anak betul2 jaga anak je.. rumah cam kapal pecah pun xde hal hakhak!! I love you bebeh!!

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